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Case Study Of mnscredit.in

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  • Client Name: MNS Credit Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Brand Name:MNS


As a fintech solution, Re Nutech has done deep dive for this project and created a effective platform.The major challenges was:

  • Transition of 100+ Staffs from manual Word & Excel work to Web App.
  • Auto Populate Balance Sheets, P&L, Profit Ratio & other ranking parameters from Web App itself.
  • Integration of two different business models of Reporting & Collection on same platform with same database.
  • Data collection on global level through various API and store them in one format.

Solution Overview:

It has taken approx. 3 years to established the whole process and still we are on development as per industry requirement.

  • Phase 1: Reporting Web App on Local intranet where executive can fill the form and auto generate the report in PDF, Word & HTML format.
  • Phase 2: Centralized software (CRM) for their collection business with functional modules like Lawyer, Debtor, Insurance Party, Third Party & others.
  • Phase 3: 2M live company data stored in proper secure manner and create access on live website on global level (Multi Currency Payment Option)
  • Phase 4: : 50+ API integration from different countries for their company data and auto populate it in 2 click to create ease for customer.


Output after years of effort is quite good and we have received good response in numbers. As example, one executive who was only able to create 2 reports for their customer in manual process. Now, that executive is creating 8+ reports through our Web App. Collection process gone easy as whole data Is accessible on live where any user type can use it for their purpose. Brand expanded their business globally because now they have a robust solution where they are able to integrate any API in just 10 days of operational process.

Brand is increasing their tie-ups with Banks because they have company data stored and managed properly on cloud. They can serve to any bank with company information in just few clicks.

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